Application areas

Hybrid Technology Applications

Hybrid components for the automotive, industrial and medical sectors

Customer-specific hybrid components, busbars as well as mechatronic and kinematic metal injection-molded assemblies from TB&C have been used in various industries across the globe for many years. Leading automotive industry companies as well as businesses from other industries and the medical sector place their trust in our many years of experience as a development and production partner.

Whether using outsert or insert technology, overmolding or multi-component injection molding: TB&C will provide you with custom high-quality hybrid components that will either completely meet your precision, quality and efficiency requirements or even surpass them. 



Custom busbars, e.g. as battery junction boxes for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV).



Hybrid components, e.g. for swivel joints, wind deflectors and mechanisms for use with panoramic roofs and complex multi-component injection molded parts.

Medical technology


Hybrid components, e.g. for chassis and gearboxes.

Industrial sector


Hybrid components, e.g. for chassis, optical precision assemblies.