Industrial sector

Hybrid components for the industrial sector

Hybrid components for the toughest conditions

Hybrid components are also becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector. As a development and production partner of prominent industrial companies for many years, TB&C's customer-specific hybrid components offer maximum precision, quality and efficiency for your application.

Case study

Optical unit for rear wall projector TV

The original unit consisted of three elements  The basic element had to be manufactured using various rework processes, especially in the areas of the holding fixtures for the lenses. Furthermore, an additional deep-drawn piece and a plastic cover were needed. The required rework was performed with 5-axis milling machines with limited capacity.

Using the outsert technique, the individual components were combined to form one unit.  Sufficient capacities, thanks to short cycles on our injection molding machines, and the minimal rework that was required not only improved the product but also the process using the outsert technology.

The heat that is sometimes generated – up to 160°C during continuous operation, in particular in the optical path – is dissipated to the exterior thanks to the use of metal.  The contact surfaces of the DMD chips, which are assembled later, are calibrated in the molding tool.  That means that rework in this area or in that of the holding fixtures for the lenses is no longer required.  All of these requirements could be met by using high quality LCP (liquid crystal polymer) plastic and steel support elements. Outsert technology in its purest form!