Core competence

Hybrid Technology Competence

Our DNA is the development & production of custom hybrid components

TB&C is a leading development and production partner for customer-specific hybrid components and busbars as well as mechatronic and kinematic metal injection-molded assemblies. Following the joint product development stage, needs-based production processes and state-of-the-art technologies are being used to build your products with maximum precision, quality and efficiency.  We focus on medium-sized to large-scale volumes starting at 10,000 units per year.

Outsert technology


Using outsert technology, high-quality functional plastic elements on the basis of a metallic body can be produced or those that combine metal parts and plastic with additional functions. Using our high-performance hybrid technology, TB&C is your skilled development and production partner in this field.

Insert technology


Using insert technology, different components and materials are joined through overmolding with thermoplastic material.  Insert technology is already widely used for the production of multi-pole plug connectors. Our busbars are also based on this technology.



During overmolding, a metal carrier or an injection-molded part is overmolded with plastic once more.  In particular in the area of net overmolding, we develop and produce many innovations for well-known customers, such as overmolded wind deflectors for sunroofs or netting with metal inserts and springs.

Multi-component injection molding


The unique feature of this process is that different plastics are injected into the injection mold at the same time. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, we can process up to three different components in a single production step.

Process sequence

Seamless processes for tailor-made hybrid components

During the development and production of your hybrid components, you can rely on the innovative strength and experience of TB&C in each stage of the process. Our know-how is always available to you – whether with regard to questions about production technologies, design optimization, the planning of efficient production processes and product assembly all the way to the selection of the optimal logistics services.


Meeting & brainstorming at the start of the project.

Development and Prototyping

Your team and our experts develop the product design together.


Statistical calculation/simulation of components under the application of force.


• Calculation/simulation of the flow properties of hybrid and plastic components.
• Determination of optimal injection points, calculation of warpage and shrinkage.


Construction and optimization of prototypes on the basis of the jointly developed design.

Product/concept design

Designing the final product on the basis of the prototypes.

Toolmaking & production planning

• Building the tools required for production.
• Calculation of devices, prototypes, small-batch tools, series tools and production processes.
• Optimal design of stamping sequences and stamping strips.
• Checking the component processing.
• Weak point analysis with regard to required materials.


Initial production of the final series-produced product with stamping, injection-molding, assembly and quality control.

Transition to series production

Optimisation of your assembly for series production.

Series production

On-time production of your assembly in the desired quantity.