Insert Technology

Insert Technology

The efficient combination of design & function

Using insert technology, different components and materials (e.g. threaded bushes or contacts for electronic components) are joined through overmolding with thermoplastic material. Insert technology is already widely used for the production of multi-pole plug connectors.

In the area of insert injection molding, the process is used, for example, for overmolded busbars and assemblies as well as for complex carrier frames and casings with integrated passive elements.


How you can benefit from TB&C's insert technology

Reduced costs


for assembly and labor

Reduced size


and reduced weight due to conserving fasteners

Improved resistance


due to missing mechanical connections

Optimized flexibility


in design process


Hybrid technology also offers unbeatable cost advantages. Compared with conventional assembly and the associated logistics, cost savings of up to 70% can be achieved - with at least the same, usually higher product quality.


Busbars for electric and hybrid vehicles

TB&C develops and produces custom busbars as insert hybrid components that meet your specific requirements. For example, as busbars and battery junction boxes for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV).

These busbars offer significant advantages over cable connections.  From lower inductance and a higher capacity, reduced material costs and a minimized weight to simplified maintenance and greater flexibility with regard to shapes and sizes.