Outsert Technology

Outsert Technology

Outsert components cast in one piece

Outsert technology can be used to produce high-quality functional plastic elements on the basis of a metallic body or functional elements that combine metal parts and plastic with additional functions.

There are almost no limits to the form and function of outsert elements. TB&C hybrid technology for outsert components combines the stamping and bending of metal plates with the extrusion of various functional elements made from technical plastics in a single process Even movable parts like levers and gears can be placed onto base plates in one shot. Basic outsert technology applications include carrier plates that meet the highest stability requirements. 

Thanks to in-depth expertise and many years of experience in the production of complex hybrid components as well as the use of highly precise tools, fast production processes and a top product quality can be guaranteed.


How you can benefit from TB&C's outsert technology

Compared to precision-cast components, TB&C's outsert technology offers significant advantages with regard to efficiency and costs:

Components ready


 for assembly no reworking

Weight reduction


 by 20-25%

Cost reduction by up to 70%


compared to conventional assembly and the associated logistics

Fewer individual components


required for complex components  

High-precision positioning


of the components is possible


Hybrid technology also offers unbeatable cost advantages. Compared with conventional assembly and the associated logistics, cost savings of up to 70% can be achieved - with at least the same, usually higher product quality.


Outsert components
for all of your needs

Outsert components from TB&C can be used for a wide range of applications. It's up to your individual needs!

Carrier applications with great stability requirements

Integrated electromechanical functions

Replacement of aluminum and magnesium pressure-cast components

Replacement of all-plastic parts in case of stability or load problems

Replacement of highly stressed steel components (welded, thick-walled, milled or forged)

Highly precise, movable slew rings and joints


Is outsert technology a good fit for you?

Whether outsert technology is a good fit for your application depends on these and other issues:

Are you planning on producing large volumes > 10,000 units per year (because of the tool costs)?

Do you require narrow tolerances while maintaining top product quality?

Is your component subjected to very high stresses?

Can you involve us early on in the development process?
This is important because outsert technology requires a certain degree of design freedom in order to maximise its potential.