From the birth of an idea through design and implementation, we help you reach series production readiness on a global basis.

In the prototype realm, our portfolio starts with typical hand-built samples (alpha prototypes) and covers pre-series parts from near-series processes and tools (beta prototypes).      

Our hallmark is uncomplicated, transparent communication with our customers through every phase of the project. As a medium-sized company, we are used to working outside the lines and developing new ideas to your satisfaction.


Have you got your idea down on paper or is it still in your head?
It all starts with a good idea, and we help you to fill your idea pipeline so you don’t have to settle for the first one to come along.
Our engineering department guides your product concept step by step, from rough draft through development to series production.


Equipped with the latest CAD and simulation programs, we identify optimal technical solutions, often under critical time pressure, to meet our customers’ challenges.

We simulate the sometimes complex process of injection molding to determine how an insert will behave during the filling cycle.

This gives us the ability to optimize the design of the component for the process—practically simultaneously.

This saves time and money when the molds are built.

Rapid Prototyping

Our prototype shop combines conventional technologies, such as CNC milling, turning, and EDM, with the innovative technologies of rapid prototyping.
Hand-built samples can be used to evaluate and test initial functions.

With our network, established over many years, we can select processes that are tailored to the needs of the product and the assembly.

We can convert your idea into a tangible object in a very short time.


Tooling & Processes

Once the initial sample or prototype has been perfected, we handle pre-series and short-run production for you.
We can use our innovative basic prototype molds, which provide the basis for effective, economical, and rational series production.

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Engineering E-Mobility

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