quality and environment

Quality and environment

Quality and environment protection are our basement for success and customer satisfaction and therefore are very important topics for the TB&C Group. Our quality standards do not mirror just in reliable and high-value products but as well in familiar terms in daily business with our employees and suppliers.


A high-level of product and development skill supported by in-house tool manufacturing and prototyping for customized product developments, implemented along a computer-aided process chain from product development to production, ensures the highest product and material quality as well for large-scale production.


Quality assurance

The goal of TB&C Group’s quality assurance is the production of products of the highest possible quality.
Amongst others the following testing equipment is installed to carry out the required quality tests:

  • 3D measuring machine (incl. free-form surface measuring)
  • Tensile testing machine (Zwick)
  • Layer thickness measuring instrument
  • Optical measuring technology (measuring microscope)
  • SPC inspection stations
  • TESA Micro-Hite (vertical coordinate measuring machine)
  • Use of high professional service providers for further analyses


Quality management system

In order to support operative quality assurance and quality management, a CAQ system (QSYS®) has been introduced during the first quarter of 2011. This system will ensure the realization of QM relevant process steps from planning (APQP) to documentation (Document Management System) and process monitoring (SPC, WE/WA).



The knowledge of our employees is continuously improved by internal and external trainings and workshops.